For most organizations there are times, when they have to deal with heavier workloads. These situations may require additional staff and it may even necessitate your organization to outsource certain HR activities.

This is when you have to contact FLEXO. Not only are we very much capable of finding qualified and experienced (temporary) staff for you, but we offer you the benefit of our vast Hands-on experience in all HR related matters.

Staffing Agency

Staffing is our core business. By staffing we aid your organization in the search for qualified and experienced personnel. This is the most effective and rapid way to react to sudden or foreseeable peaks in the workload and also to temporarily replace regular staff who are absent due to, vacation, or on sick- or maternity leave, for example. Temporary employment also offers you the opportunity to let the prospective employee hone his or her skills and gain the necessary experience before you proceed to offer him/her a more permanent contract.

An extensive pre-selection combined with reference checks are the basis for a balanced selection. We give our temporary staff thorough instructions prior to commencing work. This makes our temps even more motivated and this is exactly why they know what is expected from them.

The benefits for your company are diverse:

  • No notice period
  • Temporary employees can be employed for a maximum period of 1 year prior to offering him/her an employment contract
  • Termination of temporary employment without the obligation to continue paying wages
  • No risk in cases of short-term illness and lower cost in cases of long–term illness
  • Temporary workers who perform well may be employed by the client
  • FLEXO takes care, not only of the (payroll) administration but also of the supervision and coaching of the temporary worker

Recruitment & Selection

The Recruitment & Selection process is targeted to assists you with the hiring of permanent staff. We have an extensive network of potential employees from which we make a special selection of candidates who wish to have a (another) permanent job. Motivated candidates who are strong in their field; that we personally know, that we can rely on and most important, from whom we are certain they are a good addition to your organization. Because we carefully screen and evaluate the candidates, we are able to perfectly match your needs to those of the candidates. 


With our Payroll Service, we relief you from processing payroll for your personnel and make it our responsibility. This is not only ideal if you do not have the time or ability to take care of these many administrative actions that being an employer entails but it is also an interesting solution if you want to make your employee database and employee costs more flexible, in a very smart and easy way. In our Payroll Service there are two possible scenarios:


  • FLEXO handles the payroll calculations, you receive all the information and you take care of the payment of salaries, premiums and taxes.
  • FLEXO handles the payroll calculations and takes care of payment of salaries, premiums and taxes.

Let the payrolling of your staff in the expert hands of FLEXO and it will bring you besides more comfort and time, also more financial benefits. In addition, rest assured that we will take expert care of all those employer obligations.


Complete or partial outsourcing of business processes, which do not belong to the core activities of your company, can be a strategic option. Think for example, about housekeeping personnel, warehousing activities, various pools such as company drivers, administrative personnel (recruited for peak periods) or personnel hired for a long-term project.

Outsourcing is another strategic solution that you can safely turn over into the professional hands of FLEXO. We will ensure prompt execution and implementation of your business processes. Outsourcing can be an interesting as well as an essential option for any market oriented and cost-conscious organization as it relieves the company of certain tasks thereby allowing it to maintain focus and allows it to divert more resources to its core activities, subsequently increasing the effectiveness of the company.


  • Focus on your core business
  • Flexible capacity adjustments
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Quality improvements

Human Resources

Our HR Consultant provides Human Resource services and activities tailored to your specific business needs. These services can be provided from our offices or on location for your convenience and they include amongst other:

  • (Re)writing of labour agreements and job descriptions
  • (Re)writing of company procedures, protocols and HR policies
  • Assistance with- and support of dismissal procedures
  • Application for work and for residence permits
  • HR related administrative activities
  • Business advice in the most comprehensive sense, both strategic and organizational
  • Business advice concerning labor law matters
  • Outplacement


We offer a number of standard trainings and courses, such as introduction of new employees, customer service training and team building. These trainings and courses can be fully tailored to your company’s specific needs. We also develop company specific training modules.

Rental Conference Room

FLEXO has a conference room at your disposal. If you are looking for a quiet conference room or a slightly larger presentation hall, we have the space you need.

Our meeting room is equipped with a screen, beamer and a flipchart. We will set up the meeting room according to your needs. Optionally we can provide hot and cold beverages and your favourite meal or snack.

Ample parking space available and the room is also available after office hours and in the weekends.

Feel free to contact us at 588-0308 or for an obligation-free quote.

By offering a wide-ranging variety of services FLEXO is considered as a reliable partner for all your HR matters. Please contact us for more information and we will provide you with a free quote, no strings attached.

We are at your service!