FLEXO Manpower Services supports companies. Read more about our methods of working, report a vacancy or your advantage when working with FLEXO.

Our methods of working

Our methods of working are just as careful as they are simple. We closely listen to your wishes, make clear agreements and always keep our promises. Our employees demonstrate initiative and are determined to find the best solution for your company. FLEXO Manpower Services believes in a personal approach. As a client you will work together with a small team of professional experts with whom you can quickly and easily make agreements.

Report a Vacancy

Are you an employer and urgently looking for staff? With the form below you can register your vacancy immediately to FLEXO Manpower Services Aruba. Upon receipt, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the placement of a suitable candidate.

E-mail us: office@flexomanpowerservices.com

Your Advantage

If you are looking for temporary staff, FLEXO Manpower Services is the right partner for you. The benefits speak for themselves: Effectiveness and Efficiency, these are our strength. Our systems and methods are totally focused on the rapidly filling of your vacancies with the right candidates. Thereby FLEXO Manpower Services has a high reliability at a competitive price.
Another advantage is that FLEXO Manpower Services not only works for businesses but also with entrepreneurs. The spirit of entrepreneurship characterizes our culture. We have the same drive and result orientated mind as an entrepreneur. We feel more responsible than others, show initiative, have more experience in staffing and market knowledge, and therefore can actually invest in long-term relationships with our clients and our temporary workers. And it shows. We offer more continuity and go just a little further than others to meet your demands. We have both the knowledge of the local labor market as well as those of the other islands. Therefore we are an attractive partner for both local and non-local operating organizations. FLEXO Manpower Services was founded in Aruba in 2005. In short, FLEXO Manpower Services, that works! Try it yourself.